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JD's Sportsline provides a variety of services. Some of our services are in-house and some services we farm out to various suppliers. Although the following services are our specialties, we do have the capability of producing products that you may require that require different production procedures. Please feel free to give us a call or email to discuss your requirements.

Our Services



Full colour graphics, photos or logos on a variety of products.

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Laser Engraving

State of the art laser engraving "burns" images into various materials.

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Traditional Engraving

Rotary Diamond Scratch engraving. The "old style" classic engraving.

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A viable alternative to engraving - with the ablility to print in FULL COLOUR!

The process of printing FULL COLOUR graphics on a ever increasing variety of products such as awards, mugs, plaques, bagtags, clipboards, signage and more. This unique process allows you to create low volume personalized products.

Check out our sublimation page for an exciting line of sublimatable products.


State-of-art laser engraving

We use a state of the art Trotec engraving system that makes use of lasers to "burn" images into various materials. The system can be used to engrave on lacquered metals, wood, plastics, glass, acrylics and a variety of other materials. The huge benefit of laser engraving is the ease of design and the availability of the wide selection of fonts.

Not all materials are suitable for laser engraving using our laser. The materials that we provide create reliable and incredible results, but materials supplied by you, the customer, may be unknown to us and produce unexpected results, or be completely unengravable using our laser. Please note - we cannot "mark" or "engrave" on metal unless we use our specially produced products. There are some "marking" exceptions on stainlesss steel using special processes.


Traditional Engraving

Diamond Scratch or Rotary engraving - the "old style" traditional method of literally "scratching" the surface of the product.
Limited fonts - used primarily for annual award plates and plastic signage. Please note - we cannot Diamond Scratch engrave onto curved items.

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